Computer Navigated Joint and Spine Surgery

What is Computer Navigated Surgery?

A computer navigated joint replacement and spine surgery involves GPS technology in the operation theater similar to using GPS navigation in the car while driving. Unlike robotic surgery, a computer navigated surgery provides the surgeon with 3D computer images so that surgeon can operate the same with more precision. It provides the surgeons with more accuracy and enhanced visualization than ever before. It is for this reason, computer navigated surgery is also known as surgical navigation.

How does Surgical navigation work?

Computer navigated spine and joint surgery involves a computer loaded with navigation software, the infrared camera and different surgical instruments that are embedded with LEDs. This software then builds 3D virtual model of the spine or joint giving the surgeon better visualization of the area. Post this, smart instruments are then used by the surgeon to match the pre defined points on the 3D model as per the true anatomy of the patient. After this process is completed, the camera then starts tracking the smart instruments in surgical field and the 3D model is completed with real time images of the instruments. These models are often used by the surgeons to plan the position, diameter and length of the joint screws and the instruments are then navigated to ensure that they are implanted as planned.

What are the benefits of Computer Navigated surgery?

There are several benefits of this surgery over other conventional procedures. These are:

  • The 3D images help the surgeons in making the joint and spinal adjustments within the fraction of a degree thus ensuring an optimal fit for the joint.
  • The surgeon gets a comprehensive view of the person’s joint mechanics which helps in taking operative decisions faster and better.
  • The surgeon can correctly position the joint in case of situations where it is difficult to get a good anatomical view.
  • The surgery helps in improving the stability of the joint and optimal motion range of a person.

Does Computer Navigated surgery take more time than manual surgery?

If the performing surgeon is experienced, computer navigated surgery saves quality time during and after the surgery by obviating the need for different steps that need to be performed during manual procedure. In addition to this, there is reduced blood loss as well as pulmonary embolism chances. This is because different bones that need to be drilled during the manual technique are saved from the same in this procedure. At the best Hospitals in Faridabad, Delhi/NCR, Computer navigated joint and spine surgery is done with ultimate synergy of latest computer navigation technology and surgical skill so as to deliver a uniform accuracy a well as consistent results to all the patients without any additional risk of human errors. If you are looking to get consultations regarding this surgical procedure, request an appointment today.

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